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Zhang Yunlong Guan Xiaotong drama stills exposure figure CP hazy sweet mid autumn "sword of the Han cloud" Trailer shock first entertainment Zhang Yunlong, Tencent in the dim and Guan Xiaotong, starring Zhang Jianing, SNH48, Gao Weiguang, Ju Jingyi starring Winston Chao, Kathy Chow, Gan Tingting, Joe Ma starred in the drama "friendship large costume fantasy Xuanyuanjian of Han cloud" the value of the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival once again exposed a group of photos, stills asagumo (Zhang Yunlong), (in the dim), Muyun IIM (Guan Xiaotong), and AI (Zhang Jianing) the role of the emotional relationship becomes clearer, best smile on their faces is the Mid Autumn Festival reunion of people. Changting Ming Zhang Yunlong led the picturesque shade in the Mid Autumn Festival wish Yingjie Xuanyuan exposure stills, night lights Changting, staring eyes and asagumo IIM soulful, day in the forest around the shoulder side by side, smiling picture is Jiaoutiancheng, Zhang Yunlong youth sun and lively sense of tender and Guan Xiaotong CP. In a picturesque green shade, Muyun rely on the tree to sit, Ellahi looked confused, I do not know whether the Muyun sees in her Yin LAN (Ju Jingyi ornaments) figure. When alone in the dim Twilight Muyun sounded in the hands of the leaves, but no beauty in the side to listen. White as snow AI extremely lonely, gentle touching smile more people pity her life love, but love and not. Mid Autumn Festival as a major traditional festival, not only a symbol of a year’s harvest and family reunion, but also a symbol of the lovers together to enjoy the beautiful. A smile is the role of the "sword of the Han cloud" in the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, has been looking forward to harbor friends best wishes. Strong plot collocation of many CP line "Han cloud" will offer double feast "sword of the Han cloud" is not only full of patriotism and humanism in a big drama, there are more delicate emotional character and rich emotional relationship. IIM Greece, AI, asagumo and Muyun belong to flight, Dongjak two camps, for their own faith struggle, but their mutual friendship, brotherhood and love is also a major part of the drama. IIM Greece, AI Zhaoyun, alongside deep friendship, but friendship is not love, and hope the IIM had betrayed the two heart gracious Zhaoyun hengai a spoony, but the AI drama did not hate, she is fond of chilly beautiful. Although the first primaries and Muyun tit for tat, but because from Ellahi’s vaguely capture Yin LAN shadow of her disturbed feelings, in the hazy interpretation of Yin LAN will miss Muyun in every soulful eyes, not quiet and tough Muyun will make what choice? In addition to the four main characters, purple (Gao Weiguang ornaments) and red vests (Wang Ruizi ornaments), the other CP’s emotional line is also full of surprise, shocking visual collocation strong plot, high color value collocation touching emotion, "sword of the Han cloud" in the next year will bring a visual and spiritual double feast for the audience. The "sword of the Han cloud" by the Shanghai new cultural group, Daewoo information, Yue Yang film CO produced, stay tuned for more exciting.相关的主题文章: