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"The sky fire" exposure Daniel Wu special "thousand men of God" – "entertainment Sohu domineering war fire" Daniel Wu Click to enter [sky HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news November 18th, directed by the famous director Lam producer Zhou Qiliang, Daniel Wu, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo, Zhang Ruoyun, Chang Hsiao Chuan starred in the blockbuster action crime "fire" heavy cupola the exposure of Daniel Wu "thousand pounds God" featurette. The feature of Daniel Wu in the film, the blood speed collided shootout confrontation scene, and God has deducted the affection warm male classic role fully presented in front of the audience, the full picture of shock. Daniel Wu by the affection warm male male god jagged tough guy, blasting action drama also makes the audience’s expectations for November 25th soared, Daniel Wu’s tough return, staged shock! Warm male heroes are all creative points like the strength of male god Daniel Wu film challenge self lift action frenzy is played by Daniel Wu in the "natural forest protection security cases metrosexual man towering fire", in order to protect and defend justice, faith protection and regeneration, he fighting evil, melee hit coaster, struggled to find the truth, a thrilling adrenaline fight soaring. The exposure of the "thousand men of God" featurette, warm heart become tough guy metrosexual man. The picture at the beginning, Daniel Wu clean, warm heart, 189799 classic movie character full flashback, handsome graceful bearing image instantly evokes memories hidden in the heart, whether it is the sentimental young little meat, or silently "Mars man", Wu Yanzuyan has become a representative, handsome male affection warm love. But a burning sky "fuse" let us see the other side of Daniel Wu sharp biting, ferocious, Ziyiwanghang, said as special as "heaven, now closed, handsome male God turned into a firm and unyielding character of the tough guy. In the movie, Daniel Wu’s gun fight is racing into the sparks, debris flying, fight blasting action, true, that Daniel Wu’s tough guy image more deeply. In the special interview, the cast have used the "dedication, charming, not the old man of God" to describe Daniel Wu, Zhang Jingchu said: "people are especially metrosexual man, a sense of trust, see his action movies, especially those of a life-and-death matter action scenes, very fun, but to look at Zhang Ruoyun" Daniel Wu is a self the old man is not God, worship the idol for many years". It is said that Daniel Wu dare Ganpin in a movie, the real thing battle, very dedicated, resulting in the shooting action caused intense nose interrupted, almost disfigured. "Fire fighting" Daniel Wu "towering towering fire" Beijing premiere sought Daniel Wu predator fight like the audience point action crime reputation soared large "cupola fire" assembled Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo, Chang Hsiao Chuan, Yan high strength value lineup, blasting action, ups and downs of the story, so the film is known as following the "2" and "chills" 2016 "after the Apostle Walker action crime event for Hong kong". Director Lam by sincere to the meat of a close play, realistic action outstanding film fully and delightfully, at the same time with the amplification of "real violence" on humanity and social problems, to win the.相关的主题文章: