The actress pretended to be covered with all sorts of passers-by to wipe her

The actress pretending to be covered with wounds all passers-by as she wiped away the friendly (Figure) – before Beijing, Chen Qingyu actor when shooting photos provided by Chengdu people’s enthusiasm and friendly let outsiders are deeply moved." After the old man forget the show aired, Guangdong satellite TV documentary observation program, how will you do program director Lee just in an interview with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, said. A reality show also measured a new height of Chengdu civilization, the program of those who reach out to the elderly people moved to the national Chengdu netizens. Recently, "what would you do" another period on "domestic violence" subject of the program will also be broadcast. "Civilized Chengdu people" and what will be the performance? Yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter contacted several parties in the program, about the story behind the scenes. The husband to his wife "hands-on" 9 Chengdu people choose to move out of the moment: when she said she did not dare to go home at night, the two girls also suggested that they can live together in their room…… A scene of Chengdu Yushuang Hot pot shop and forgetful old photographs like this show about the theme of "domestic violence" using the same secret shooting mode, the real record. Reporters learned that the program recording locations in a Hot pot shop in Yushuang in finished filming in mid August. The two actor is a local actor from Chengdu and a host teacher. Yesterday, the two actors told the Chengdu Daily reporter about the shooting process. In the program group installation and commissioning of all equipment after the shooting, actor knife team and the facial "bruised" Chen Qingyu in Hot pot shop in a table seat. And other performances are not the same, the whole filming process they must go, there is no "card" or "". The content is only one of the words: domestic violence. "All the plots are improvisation, and all the lines in the middle are on the spot." Chen Qingyu said. "You do not think that many people do not dare to you." The knife team in the program is the identity of a violent husband, on the same day, in the Hot pot shop, he will need a variety of rude words and behavior to his wife Chen Qingyu, to attract the attention of other people, "the day took a total of about 5, the final 9 personal choice to stand out." The first to stand out is sitting at the table 3 aunt." Chen Qingyu, shooting, "husband" knife team in verbal abuse on their own, to sit out, at the same time also took his bag, "at this time, the 3 aunt came and asked me about my family and parents, asking you to consider my alarm in the bag the wallet and mobile phone has been taken away, they give me the plug 200 yuan, also emotional tears." Then, in another shot, the same team of Chen Qingyu knife "violence", "is also moving his hand, pushed her, beat her with the menu." Knife team introduced in this field, sitting around a lot of people, but did not want to interfere with the beginning of the meaning of the obvious hesitation, want to help and do not dare to look like." About more than and 10 minutes later, the two young men got up and went to the middle of the room相关的主题文章: