Street mobile mass more than 20 thousand fraud messages were arrested in the middle of the 2 suspect-ravbin

The streets flow mass fraud more than 20 thousand messages 2 suspects were arrested – Beijing Qingyuan Guangzhou daily news (reporter Cao Jing) in the case of SMS fraud crime renovation, Qingyuan police stepped up crackdown. The day before, Qingcheng District Street appeared a mysterious "mobile SMS" car, the local police successfully cracked a telecommunications fraud in the linkage branch of superior departments coordination, arrested 2 suspects. They confessed to posing as a bank to send fraudulent messages up to more than 20 thousand. The police said that in May this year, Qingcheng District Liuzhou police received a report: in Qingcheng district road drivers using the power supply device, transmitter, frequency display mobile phone tools for telecommunications fraud pseudo base station etc.. After receiving the report, the ad hoc group of Liuzhou, the case analysis, and retrieval of relevant video surveillance in-depth investigation, the final confirmation of the suspect Yang, Yu mou. Then, based on the previous evidence, the police quickly attack, in the broad avenue near the suspect vehicle crime stopped, successfully arrested Yang and Yu Mou, and on the spot in the car seized the transmitter and mobile phone and other tools of crime. After interrogation, the suspect confessed his repeatedly driving range in Qingcheng District, posing as banks not to specific mobile phone users to send SMS fraud as many as 24418 facts of the crime. At present, the suspect Yang, Yu has been arrested according to law, the case is being further processed. The implementation of fraud posing as the principal Yangshan police also reported another posing as school leaders to commit fraud cases. A husband and wife posing as school principals to buy building materials, building materials merchants fraud, defrauding transfer funds. A major breakthrough in Yangshan County Public Security Bureau, before the "hurricane 2016" special rectification action to combat telecommunications fraud, the Criminal Investigation Brigade successfully destroyed the telecommunications fraud dens, arrested two suspects, seized bank cards, mobile phone and other tools of crime group, channeling and cracked telecommunications fraud cases. According to the police, Mr. Qiu received a claim to be seven X "Yangshan arch middle school principal Lin" telephone, said the school construction need to buy 10 tons of cement to Mr. Qiu, Mr. Qiu called the afternoon will be sent to the seven cement arch X Middle school. Subsequently, Mr. Qiu again received President Lin "telephone, said disinfectant schools also need to buy in large quantities, because of the busy meeting in Yangshan, called Mr. Qiu to help contact the Yejing loaning purchase, Mr. Qiu immediately contacted the manager leaves for gospel truth," and will purchase 37000 yuan to disinfect water the designated bank account. In the afternoon, Mr. Qiu carried the cement to the school, and found that the school had no name Lin’s headmaster. After receiving the report, Yangshan County Public Security Bureau to actively investigate, through careful analysis of judgments, the police identified the suspect identity and residence. In the end, the local public security assistance, police in Guangzhou, Tianhe District along the street central village, a rented room and arrested the suspect Huang Mouhua and his wife Luo Mouxiu, seized from the residence of bank card, ID card, mobile phone, notebook computer and other tools for committing crimes. Under questioning, the suspect confessed Huang Mouhua, who purchased the building materials industry in the online personnel information and telephone numbers, and then posing as the school principal to buy building materials.相关的主题文章: