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"Sparrow" Li Xiaoran ended March – a tragic heroic entertainment Sohu "sparrow" Li Xiaoran Li Xiaoran "sparrow" stills Sohu entertainment news recently, the Revolutionary War spy drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV crisis hit, careful plot and the actors wonderful mutual whirlwind acting, attracted a large audience. In the play, Li Xiaoran played the hidden Communist Party senior secret service officer Shen Qiuxia, is to start and activate the sparrow on the line. Soon played traitor arrested and imprisoned by the enemy’s torture, in the latest episode, torture she was killed by the enemy, and wrote with his life and music. "Sparrow" once aired, the ratings will rise. Li Xiaoran plays Shen Qiuxia, nicknamed the "prime minister", has a high IQ, and between the rival Bi Zhongliang and mental psychological tactics in a showdown is called wonderful. Unfortunately, in the latest episode of "sparrow", in order to continue to lurk, she chose to sacrifice himself, and her words, even touched countless viewers: "our country, just like leather, it dumb, suffered all kinds of hardships and suffering, to be bullied, but as long as we are willing to sacrifice these freedom fighters, one day, our country will become stronger." No matter is the debut when the amazing grace, or torture the unyielding in the face of the enemy is in the choice of sacrifice, or after death, each side is Li Xiaoran interpretation is in place, many users have a message: "too heroic! Li Xiaoran’s acting to kneel, behavior are drama, poor scenes is too little, not the prime minister."相关的主题文章: