Sanjiang ecological construction of the first phase of the completion of the ecological benefits of

Sanjiang source of ecological construction project completion and acceptance of the annual produce ecological benefits 3 billion 500 million yuan news agency of the new network – in September 12 Xining Xinhua (reporter Zhang Tianfu) Qinghai province held a Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of a project completion date of acceptance will be 12. Vice governor of Qinghai province Yan Jinhai said that after 10 years of construction, the annual ecological benefit produced China Sanjiang source of ecological construction is 3 billion 500 million yuan (RMB, same below), the total water resources, vegetation cover, biodiversity, farmers’ income and development ability "five increase". As Chinese three rivers, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, Lancang River, because of ecological degradation, in 2005, Chinese government launched the "overall planning" ecological protection in Qinghai Sanjiang natural resources protection and construction, the construction of ten years, a total investment of 8 billion 539 million yuan, the implementation of the three categories of 22 projects in 1041 sub projects for engineering wide area, construction content and investment scale is known as the Qinghai Province ecological construction area of "No. 1 project". Li Xiaonan, director of the Qinghai Provincial Office of ecological protection and construction, as of now, all of the above projects through the provincial acceptance, acceptance rate of 100%. "(after ten years of construction), the total water resources in the source area of Sanjiang increased by 8 billion 400 million cubic meters, an increase of wetland area of 104 square kilometers, the source of the Yellow River reproduction of the ‘thousand lakes’." Yan Jinhai said that compared with 2004, the average annual output of three rivers downstream of more than 5 billion 800 million cubic meters of water quality. Yan Jinhai said that compared with 2004 before the implementation of the project, the current increase in grassland vegetation coverage increased by 11.6%, yield increased by up to 30%. "The population of wild animal Bai Chunlu, snow leopard, wild yak, Tibetan wild ass increase." Yan Jinhai said, in Sanjiang, the "ecological spirit of Tibetan antelope from less than 20 thousand in 1980s to recover only more than 70 thousand, plant species and aquatic biodiversity are effectively protected. Yan Jinhai said, through easy relocation, the development of ecological animal husbandry, tourism, the establishment of ecological compensation mechanism, set up ecological protection measures such as public post, 2015, per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen in Sanjiang reached 6565 yuan, an average annual growth of more than 12%. "The strong animal husbandry animal husbandry benefit policy to enrich the people, rely on the single herdsmen from livestock to the building of livestock transformation, the transformation from extensive animal husbandry to ecological animal husbandry, people’s happiness index improved significantly." Yan Jinhai said. Yan Jinhai introduction, accounting, assessment, Sanjiang source of ecological assets value reached 12 trillion and 660 billion yuan, the ecological benefits of ecological construction in the region generated an average of $3 billion 500 million per year, the return on investment as high as 204.3%. (end)相关的主题文章: