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UnCategorized "You are going to make millions of dollars!" I heard Kyle Sandilands say on national television to 15 year old Bobby Andonov after his Semi Final performance on Australia’s Got Talent; and certainly his voice would be worth every penny. However, I recall only 2 years ago [when she too was only 15] hearing the judges, on air, and executives of the show, backstage, say to Grace "You’re going to be an international star". Certainly, if I had a dime for every time a fan or audience member at any of her shows had told us that, I’d be sitting somewhere in the Bahamas sipping champagne on the beach, with my mortgage well and truly paid for. Yet, unless Bobby signs to a record label willing to generously invest in marketing and distribution to actively promote him as a high-profile product on their list of countless other artists, even with the most high profile manager, he may very well find that he will not EARN millions but may have to instead fork out "millions" to sustain himself in his likely future career in the recorded music industry. Whilst Grace Bawden Promotions Pty Ltd walked away from any relationship with one of the biggest labels in Australia, in the best interest of our own investors, in truth, no other record label in the country wanted Grace signed or licensed to them – not even the "classical" labels. If he signs to a label, the odds are high that the best he may hope for will be fame, celebrity and recognition, but it is far more likely that any "fortune" will elude him altogether – although I have no doubt his label may do quite well for itself riding on the back of that amazing voice. If the public really knew what was in these record label contracts, I have no doubt there would be a public scandal and Parliamentarians would be moving to introduce legislation to protect artists (adults and children alike) from the predatory and exploitative behaviour that can be observed. Don’t believe me? Think its "sour grapes" on my part? Just read Belly Bombers by industry "insider" and former Executive Director of Universal and EMI SE Asia, Hans Ebert, for a small taste of what most artists are in for with or without a label – damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Of course, this doesn’t deter tens of thousands of artists from literally suffering for their art and the most committed and passionate will even starve for the opportunity of getting that illusive "big break". Still, if they’re lucky, some others, like Tina Arena and Pink, will rise above the others to become entrepreneurs. They will develop their own business skills, whilst perfecting their stage art, and taking control over their own destiny. I hope Bobby is ready for what lies ahead and finds himself blessed to have a wonderful team pulling for him, as we have been with the army of people behind Grace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: