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Self-Improvement In today’s fast paced hustle and bustle world you may be.e overwhelmed by everything that needs to get ac.plished in a day, especially during a busy holiday season. A feeling of overwhelm will set in where you just can’t decide what to do or how to do it to achieve your personal and professional goals. You’re stuck in the paralysis of analysis and don’t know what steps to take to get unstuck. Or you’d just really like to get more focused on what will get you the greatest return on your time investment. If these scenarios sound familiar you are not alone. When you get bogged down, stuck, in indecision cause by switching back and forth between so many possibilities your energy gets blocked. Blocked energy is a clear sign that you’ve jumped out of the natural progressive flow of life experience. You have not taken the time to sort out your choices and the values they represent. To get back into the productive and fulfilling flow of the highest expression of your full potential it is necessary to tap into your inner guidance system that is your birthright. You can call this personal GPS your Higher Self, Inner Being, God-Force or whatever feels right to you. I playfully call it the Wizard Within. When you connect with your inner power you get in touch with a deeper understanding of yourself, how your life works, and how to mastermind, body, spirit and emotions in everyday life. Whom you want to be.e, what you want to do and have as your ultimate life experience be.es clear. Scattered mind energy and thoughts be.e aligned and uncluttered. Flow is restored. When you are back into your natural flow you are able to hear and sense the Wizard Within. This is the voice of your truth, your intuition. Listen and trust this personal reservoir of wisdom to know, specifically, what tasks to do that day to ac.plish or get closer to achieving paramount out.es that will make your heart sing. You really don’t need to be.e your own taskmaster for you already have one within you. Here are 5 steps to tap into your own inner wisdom and taskmaster: 1. De-clutter Clean up all areas of your life. Clean up your desk. If you do not have a desk or a dedicated workspace create one. Having a place to work and get organized is essential. Pay your debts or make promises to pay those you owe. Clean out your house, closets and car. Clear up any mis.munications you have with people in your professional and personal life. Clutter, whether it be in your mind or space, creates stuck energy, creates overwhelm. By cleaning up your clutter you are clearing the runway for the future you long for. 2. Ask What Your Higher Self Wants Get clear on what you really want to ac.plish. Let go of the "should dos" that you either tell yourself or allow others to misguidedly place upon you. Look deep within to reveal what you really want to achieve. Make sure it is a true desire or you will stay stuck in a pattern of having to make the same stressful choices every day or even give up trying. Ask what will give you fulfillment, satisfaction, joy and inspiration in your personal life and career? Write these desires as a mission statement. Own it with every fiber of your being. Remind yourself of your mission each and every day. 3. Set Daily Intentions As you reaffirm your mission statement ask yourself what 5 things you can do today (or the next day if you set intentions the night before) that will get you closer to your goals, achieving your mission? Anything that does not move you closer to the actualization of your desired out.es is not a priority. Daily responsibilities will fall into this category as reneging on responsibility will only serve to clutter your mind and space once again. 4. Take Action Act on your intentions. Start with a baby step. Then take another step. Soon you’ll be off and running. Some people prefer to get the most challenging task out of the way early in the morning so its ‘over and done with’. This sense of ac.plishment energizes them to easily .plete the remaining intentional tasks of the day. 5. Examine Your Experience At the end of each day review your set intentions. What did you ac.plish? Congratulate yourself for successfully being your own taskmaster and getting closer to, if not achieving, your goal. What didn’t get done? Without judgement, examine your day to discover what got in your way of .pleting your objective. Did you Find Excuses And Reasons (F.E.A.R.) to get in your own way, to fall back into old habits? Reach for a new and better perspective that will put you back into flow. Set your intentions for the next day. As you own taskmaster you will live a life that is empowered and on-purpose. In the energetic life-affirming flow you will naturally propel yourself to your desired destiny. Your vision is written, the plan is set, and nothing is in your way of the fullest expression of your potential in any area of your life. Copyright (c) 2009 Valery Satterwhite About the Author: 相关的主题文章: