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News-and-Society It can be hard for a guy to just walk up to a woman whom he doesn’t already know and try to make good conversation with her. You don’t know a thing about this woman, other than the fact that you are attracted to her, and you don’t know what the right things to talk about with her are. You might feel like you don’t want to say the wrong thing that will instantly turn her off because all you are really trying to do is to find a way to impress her and make her feel that same attraction. You want to be able to woo her and that is not always easy to do when you feel kind of intimidated and like you are at a complete loss for words. While it can be hard to make conversation with a woman you don’t already know, it’s not impossible. Even if you are on the shy side, you can easily find a way to get some conversation rolling. Most guys just allow their feelings of being at a loss for words take control of them and they just avoid situations that will make them feel like they don’t know what to say. When you do that, the only outcome that you are going to get is that you are going to end up missing out on numerous opportunities to meet women. That is not a good thing. Here are some tips that I think will help you to be able to make conversation with women you don’t know already: 1. Make an observation about something that she is wearing. You can almost always count on this to work to some extent. Most women put some thought into the things that they wear and it’s always nice for them to hear you make an observation about that. It makes them feel good and that is always good when you are trying to impress a woman. Also, you can even poke a little bit of fun at what she is wearing and that can do a lot to make her feel like she wants to gain your approval. 2. Avoid talking about things that may stir up controversy. You really don’t want to go down the road of talking about things that can stir up controversy, not if you are trying to get on her good side. I’ve seen guys make this mistake lots of times and I always wonder, what are they thinking? Try to be astute about avoiding things that can cause her to have a bad impression of you, because you really want her to like you and you are not going to achieve that if you end up starting an argument with her. 3. Tell her about yourself without making it look like you are trying to glorify yourself. You don’t want to walk up to a woman and immediately start to tell her things that are designed just to make you look good. Most women can see right through this and usually, the kinds of women that are impressed with this are not the kind of women you want to be dating. Be humble, but also confident and talk about things that make you look good to her without trying too hard to glorify yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: