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Beauty Hair setting is a highly popular trend with people cutting across age and society. However, you must remember certain points before going for setting hair. For example, the hair setting must be appropriate for your age, ethnicity, face, features, body structure, make up, etc. There are different hair setting styles including pressing, curling, chemical relaxing, thermal reconditioning, etc. Tips for pressing hair Hair straightening is a popular method of hair setting. The popularity of hair pressing or straightening goes back to the turn of the 20the century. The introduction of improved devices and other well formulated hair care products have enhanced the effectiveness of the modern hair pressing techniques. The procedures of pressing and straightening hair include shampooing and drying the hair before the pressing, application of a petrolatum-based oil on the dry hair and application of a hot metal comb to pass from roots to ends section by selection until all the hair is straightened. Tips for chemical relaxing Chemical relaxing is a common method of straightening rigid curly hair. It is largely popular among ethnic groups, especially of the African origin. This hair straightening method is suitable for the hair of the African-Americans. You must be careful while choosing a chemical relaxing product called relaxer since it can cause very serious irritation on the scalp. The precautions you should take before going through chemical relaxing method include cleansing the hair properly, protecting the hair line and ears with the application of petrolatum around them, and applying a neutralizing shampoo or fixing the new straightened shape of the hair and stopping hair swelling or breakage. Tips for thermal reconditioning= A new highly trendy hair straightening method, thermal reconditioning gives a glossy, smooth, shiny hair texture. One reason why it is so popular is its long lasting effect. You hair is not suitable for thermal reconditioning if it is previously lightened or bleached. The hair fiber with greater application of bleaching agents is prone to quicker thermal reconditioning than the other fibers where the bleach application is comparatively less. This early completion of thermal reconditioning in some hair strands makes the overall effect of the hair treatment in the scalp very unbalanced. You must pay special attention to the ends of the hair after thermal reconditioning is over. Roll your hair in a small curve movement using a round brush. You should also be careful about the use of shampoos, conditioners and other styling aids after thermal reconditioning. Excess use of chemicals turns the hair dry. So you need to use special cleansing and conditioning system that are especially formulated for chemically treated hair. Tips for curling hair Permanent waving or perming is one of the new hair styles. The process is largely popular among the young generation. Hair curling must be done in a correct way so that it does not have any adverse effect on hair. For example, care has to be taken to avoid to much heating. Excessive heating can destroy the hair fiber structure to give it a weathered look. While curling hair, make sure that the lotions and other chemicals are away from the skin as much as possible. Modern chemicals are less irritating. Precautions should be taken to avoid contact with anything other than hair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: