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Exports over 20 tons of warships Chinese ship for one thing to attract customers – Sohu military channel map information: Chinese shipbuilding enterprises built for Nigeria offshore patrol ship 2 ship "unity". According to Japanese media reports, China is using warships to expand exports camp". Countries that have maintained good military relations with the United States have to buy Chinese warships, will cause a serious blow to the United states. Military expert Du Wenlong said in an interview with CCTV, the Japanese media said it was deliberately rendering Chinese threat theory, the cold war thinking. Chinese the export of weapons without any additional conditions, but also for the other "purse" is Chinese technology and very careful in reckoning, sincerity to attract other countries to buy weapons and equipment. In November 4th, built by Shipyard Group Second ships offshore patrol ship "solidarity" arrived in Nigeria, the largest port city of Lagos; in November 2nd, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib announced that Malaysia will buy 4 China to the Royal Navy ship offshore patrol ship; in July 12th, China has independently developed a new type of export guard officially delivered to the user in Shanghai ship…… CCTV reported that, at present, nearly 1000 tons and above military ships, China exports to Bangladesh, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria and other countries have reached more than 20 ships. Japanese media said that China is exporting naval warships, strengthen relations with Southeast Asian countries, and then draw the bilateral military relations". The other countries to export ships can be regarded as China has far-reaching significance of the "special operations", has maintained good relations with the United States military countries buy Chinese warships, these countries and the United States will therefore have a gap, and then to China. Du Wenlong pointed out that the Japanese media this statement is clearly intended to render the Chinese threat theory". China does not have any additional conditions for the export of any equipment or technology, not to create the so-called "alliance" in Japan, but entirely in accordance with the wishes of the other side and the need for military operations and military technical cooperation. At present, Chinese light weapons in Asia and Africa in developing countries have market, these countries are reluctant to buy the United States and other western developed countries manufacturing weapons, because they are not only expensive, but also can not meet the needs of these countries. The Chinese export of weapons not only give full consideration to each other’s operations, but also for customers "purse" should be said to be very careful in reckoning, Chinese technology and sincerity attracts these countries. China does not use military technology trade to bind the relevant countries. Japanese media say is intended to provoke the United States in the Cold War mentality, China sensitive nerve. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported in November 1st, fortieth China ship of 056 056A type "River Island" class frigate launched in October 28th in Guangzhou Whampoa  shipyard. Just a month ago, the Chinese Navy’s thirty-ninth "island" class frigates had just been launched at the Wuchang shipyard in Wuhan. Prior to this, the level of the other two ships launched in Lushun South Liaoning shipyard in September. Reported that the Chinese navy is carrying out large-scale modernization operations, the rapid expansion of maritime power. Du Wenlong said that in recent years, Chinese warships in the basic technology and martial arts.相关的主题文章: