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Enrique plans to help Messi comeback special exposure to Europe Guanzhan Manchester City will be the first Sohu sports exposure Enrique special programs help Messi comeback recently, Messi has been injured, due to the approaching international match day, Barcelona star missed the World Cup qualifier against Argentina on behalf of the next, the tango legion, is definitely a bad news. Because Messi is injured, the Argentina Football Association also tear X and Barcelona, but the tango Legion had to face the fact that the forthcoming World Cup qualifiers, only with Messi’s squad to cope with. For Barcelona, the international match day is a good time, because no club competition, Messi can use this time to speed up the recovery, trying to make a comeback at the end of the international match day, because the next game is more, especially in the Champions League group phase Chan Manchester City, Barcelona needs to save the little flea. Messi is in league sixth round of injuries, Barcelona home court 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid, a small flea groin injury, the club then announced a truce 3 weeks, and then missed the Barcelona home court swept 5-0 Gijon La Liga matches and 2-1 away in the Champions League group phase reversal Monchengladbach. The Spanish media "daily sports newspaper" broke the news, the next two weeks coincides with the international match day, Barcelona coach Enrique has developed a special plan to let Messi and Umm Titi return as soon as possible. If no accident, the eighth round of the league, Barcelona home court battle against La Coruna, Messi and Umm Titi are able to return from injury, the team entered the list. In order to avoid risks, Barcelona’s game with La Coruna, Messi and Umm Titi are sitting on the bench, wait until the situation has been set, two people can play and feel, restore the competitive state, to prepare for the subsequent champions Manchester City’s third home court battle group phase. The Spanish media "daily sports newspaper" said Barcelona coach Enrique will be the first set to let Messi no danger of anything going wrong, Manchester city. Because of the Champions League against Manchester City Group phase is back-to-back, so for Barcelona can get the first group is very important, Enrique needs to play the two games to get first initiative, if Messi can return, the Barcelona team to get the first chance more. Although there are more than half a month’s time from the European champions Manchester Guanzhan group phase, but Spanish media "daily sports newspaper" has been ahead of Barcelona’s first broke the news, but this is not affected by FIFA virus is not the premise. In the goalkeeper position, Barcelona enabled teershite, although umm titi will come back, but the defender will use Peake and Mascherano, the other two full backs are Alabbar and Robert; the centre of midfield, and Andre Turan Gomes missed the first, Busquets, Rakiti and Iniesta will control the overall situation in Barcelona; as for the attack. The natural starting Messi revenge, and Neymar and Suarez MSN. (nineteen)相关的主题文章: