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Computers-and-Technology India and Pakistan match, 3 overs left, 25 runs to win, the ball is in the air and your screen goes blank. Picture it, an epic nail biting match and no service. You can probably imagine yourself screaming in frustration, cursing your DTH service provider. Ready to pick up a phone and yell at the morons on the other end, when you realize, ****! You forgot to recharge your DTH subscription. Thats when the panic starts. The match is almost over, what do I do? How can I watch the rest of the match? Is Rahul (neighbor) at home? Can I watch the rest of the match at his place? No! He is watching the match at the mall. ******! He invited me, why didnt I go. Maybe I can run to the nearest DTH recharge shop and purchase a voucher and get back in time to watch the end of the match? No! The nearest recharge shop is 10 minutes away, by the time I get there purchase a voucher and come back the match will most probably be over. STOP! Quit Panicking! You can reactivate your DTH service within minutes, without leaving your home. DTH subscribers in India can now recharge services directly online! Whether you subscribe to Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV DTH, Reliance Digital TV, Sun Direct DTH, Tata Sky DTH or Videocon D2h Connection, DTH subscribers in India recharge directly online, quickly and effortlessly on .justrechargeit.com. Go online and log onto .justrechargeit… If you have already registered*, simply, enter your name, select your service provider for example, Videocon D2h, enter your subscriber Id (customer id), enter your recharge amount and click on the recharge button. The login page will open; enter your log in name and password to proceed. Next, click on the recharge button next to your service provider name to recharge your DTH service online. On the payment page, select a payment option credit card / debit card /cash card / net banking account. Enter the required payment details and click to recharge. Within minutes, you will receive a message from your service provider confirming your payment. * If you are not a registered user, do not fret, the registration is a quick and painless process. Most of the information is pre-populated and you do not to wait for a verification mail to .plete the DTH recharging process. Your DTH service is reactivated instantly and you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the match. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: