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Comment: keep the red color of   carry forward the glorious tradition of military – heroes in the history of the power of the spirit of encouraging future generations surge high and sweep forward. Across the numerous hills and streams, has experienced numerous difficulties and dangers, 80 years ago, a great victory in the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese with incomparable heroic Red Army has begun. The Long March, as well as the spiritual power she showed, not only witnessed the glorious past of the people’s army, but also profoundly influenced and inspired the present and future of the army. Adhering to the party’s absolute leadership over the army is the root cause of the victory of the long march of the red army. "Every war has a large number of comrades fall, but the people who survived did not flinch." The old Red Army Tang recalled before the new generation, "big sacrifice, can not stop us from going forward, because we have a red ideal." I sincerely believe that the party, firmly follow the party, uphold the conviction that a branch of the Red Army from Gannan, from Xiangxi, from Sichuan, from the south of Henan, the Central Committee of the party towards the direction of the guidelines, come together. Listen to the command of the party is the soul, decided to build the political direction of the army. Our army can be invincible, eventually defeating all enemy and not overwhelmed the enemy, resolutely obey the command of the party is the army of the soul, the soul of a strong army. Under the new situation, we must firmly cast the soul of the party’s command of a strong army, adhere to the ideological and political construction and grasp force, unswervingly adhere to the fundamental principles and system of the party’s absolute leadership over the army, the chairman of the Central Military Commission to seriously implement the responsibility system, at any time under any circumstances resolutely keeping and maintaining the authority, obey the command, to ensure absolute loyalty to the troops, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable. Belief is a powerful spiritual pillar of the victory of red army. Battle of Xiangjiang, the head of the red, 14 deputy head of mission, chief of staff, director of the Political Department of the heroic sacrifice of all. Division chief of staff Hu Zhen volunteered to take command, who first came to the position, there was news that Mr. Li Tianyou can not believe this is true". The baptism of blood and fire, casting an invincible army of the people of the people’s army, trained a generation of elite. Ten marshals, ten generals and 1955. More than 1300 admiral, lieutenant general and major general, more than 90% participated in the long march. To win the war is the core, pointing to the fundamental functions and army building fundamental reflect army. But the ability to win the war as the war practice standard is developing and changing, before the victory is not equal to now can win the war. Under the new situation, we must firmly grasp the fighting and winning the army to combat firmly establish the only fundamental standards, more firmly and consciously grasp for seeking to win, I play in the heroism and bravery fighting style, improve our military deterrence and combat capability under the conditions of informatization, so called for them to be able to fight and win the war. Always maintain the flesh and blood ties with the masses is a reliable guarantee for the victory of the Red Army long march. On the Long March, the Red Army supplies supplies is very scarce, even the basic living conditions are not met. However, the Red Army officers strictly abide by the three main rules of discipline and the eight points for attention, with practical action to protect the interests of the people, won the majority of the people along the heartfelt love and support. "In the process of contact with the Red Army, the poor people are deeply aware that the Red Army is their own."相关的主题文章: