Beijing is now a large area of heavy fog canceled fog disappeared this morning – Sohu

Beijing is the large area of flight canceled today morning haze dissipated – Sohu news Beijing, November 5,   according to the China weather network news today (5) morning, Beijing heavy fog, heavy fog visibility less than 200 meters in some areas. At the same time, moderate to severe haze continued. Affected by haze, a large area of the Capital Airport Flights canceled. Expected this morning, the fog will gradually dissipate. Yesterday, Beijing haze continues to increase. 21:15, Beijing meteorological observatory issued an orange alert warning signs, which is the first time since the second half of this year, Beijing issued a heavy fog orange warning. Monitoring shows that at 6 this morning, visibility in most areas of 100~300 meters in Beijing, less than local visibility of 100 meters. Affected by heavy fog, as of 23 yesterday, the capital airport domestic flights out of Hong Kong has been canceled. Low visibility weather this morning will still affect the flight operation to varying degrees, the capital airport official micro-blog alert passengers to pay close attention to weather conditions and flight dynamics, reasonable arrangements for the trip. However, affected by cold air, fog and haze will gradually dissipate this morning. Beijing municipal meteorological station is expected during the day north to Dongfeng two or three level Four, the highest temperature of 17 degrees at night; partly cloudy, turn east south level one or two, the minimum temperature of 2 degrees. It is expected that today’s maximum temperature 17 degrees, compared with yesterday’s apparent recovery of the temperature of 10.9 degrees, but the lowest temperature in the night is still only about 2 degrees centigrade, a large temperature difference between day and night. On Sunday, the highest temperature during the day will fall back to 9 degrees, the temperature rise and fall, travel, please pay attention to adjust the appropriate dress. In addition, Sunday night will also usher in rain weather, rain and snow or snow mountain. During the day on Monday 4, 5 will be blowing wind, the need to pay attention to warm.相关的主题文章: