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"Apocalypse" Qunlong occupation PVP advanced   feel the fierce fierce game — people.com.cn original title: "Qunlong Apocalypse" PVP advanced occupation feel fierce fierce Da PVP, is an enduring topic in the game world, everyone wants to stand on the vertices of PVP, among the master list, this the game is not only for their career will have no regrets, people worship the sense of honor. By June, the exclusive agent of the fantasy game world class 3DMMO online games "Qunlong Apocalypse" will open in October 13th pioneer test, a new version of PVP will upgrade again! Not only have the territory battle, passion, and similar MOBA guild war fighting skills! Look at the following xiaobian! [on] in the fierce battle to compete for territory floating island has a large open floating island, fertile land, minerals, land, wealth there is a guild beyond count, a hotly contested spot! For the moment when the territory war started, honor time around, after the battle began for both offensive and defensive, all combatants must be cleared before you obstacles — hostile guild. Occupy territory, every second in the stronghold, we will be more than one resource, the collection of resources, the foot of the territory will automatically belong to us! If you want to win the final victory, we must let the carrier to join the fight strong, overbearing, blunt car burst stone and so on, will cause a ton of injury to the other party building, finally all the staff to cover the carrier, knock down their stronghold, win the ownership of the territory! Dragon animal competition to create the strongest partner] New Dragon beast arena will soon be on the line, hundreds of species of dragon beast in the ancient Rome style fighting field in a showdown! At this time, the owner only cheer, focus on Drake between tear dragon wars. After the game through 32, will enter the playoffs, in accordance with the schedule to a one-on-one game, the game is extremely brutal, completely according to the format, do not speak, only the strong strength in order to 100 Drake in talent shows itself! This is a unique PVP game, but still need strength to speak, the final result is only to test the master of the dragon’s normal training. [MOBA] battle staged floating island dragoon riding a dragon fight, how many childhood dreams, see the Western dragon knight, they are also eager to ride in the new version, the dragon fight was also listed as a PVP. In this special place empty Island, people can ride their favorite dragon beast, in the blue sky and white clouds, and the enemy of a showdown, only the winner, is the real dragon knight! To pay attention to the different subjects of Drake, skills are not the same, sometimes, sometimes fire tail, want to learn more skills, it will catch some different subjects Drake try! New floating island sandbox PVP, create the most strong free PVP. October 13th "Qunlong Apocalypse" pioneer test waiting for you to fight!   (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: