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Web-Hosting Of course there are different hosting services. Web hosting, e-mail hosting, DNS hosting, game servers hosting and many others. Depending on your needs you can choose from all of the categories and select the payment plan that you think will fit your budget the best. Web hosting is used for hosting different websites and web pages allowing you to put your site on the web 24/7. E-mail hosting creates a SMTP or another mail server which is capable to send or receive e-mails. Game server hosting as you can tell by the name gives you the ability to host game servers on different games and finally the DNS hosting is used mainly for DNS redirection of domains. A qualified crew of employees looks after and maintains our servers which provide you with hosting services. They apply the latest security patches and optimize performance in every way possible thus improving the service that we offer without increasing the price. Any problems that may occur with the server will be immediately found and resolved thus giving you minimum downtime. Hosting services also split into dedicated hosting services, cloud hosting, virtual private servers and collocation facilities of which the collocation facility hosting is the most expensive. Collocation facilities give you an uninterruptible power supply and internet connection and letting you do all the administration on the server yourself, this includes patching, upgrading and taking care of security and performance. On the other hand the cheapest may be the cloud hosting and the virtual private servers. Cloud hosting taxes you for each megabyte of hard-disk space and bandwidth you use plus a fixed tax while virtual private servers use one physical server to create multiple virtual servers. Virtual private servers cost is fixated depending on the plan and doesnt vary on bandwidth or hard-disk space used. They range from hosting services for maniac gamers to large business .panies in need of a reliable and secure host. We can offer you all these hosting services in the lower prices possible. Our technical support will answer questions which are connected with the performance, security, prices and reliability of the hosting services we offer. We use only modern server machines which ensure you highest quality hosting services at the lower prices possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: