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Home-and-Family Is it time to choose that wonderful name? Perhaps you are looking at the top 100 baby names. Or, you may be interested in names and their meanings. Among the top 100 baby names are several new trends. Perhaps you can use them to help you make your choice. Here 5 ideas from the latest top baby names: 1) Parents are choosing many biblical names. In fact, among the most popular baby boy names are Jacob, Michael, Joshua and Matthew. Each of these names is from the Hebrew. High on the list of baby girls names are Hannah, Abigail, Elizabeth, Samantha and Sarah. These names are also Hebrew in origin. 2) Last names are used as first names. There is a tendency for parents to give their children family names. Until the 1970s, such last names were reserved for boys. But from the 1970s until today they are increasingly given to girls. Ashley, Madison, and Sydney are high on the list of baby girls names. Tyler and Taylor remain popular as baby boy names. 3) Names and their meanings are important. Today, parents are looking at the meaning of names. For instance, Olivia means olive tree, the symbol of peace. Alyssa means noble. William denotes valiant protector. And Alexander means brave. 4) Unusual baby names are more popular than ever. Baby girl names include Aaliyah, Autumn, Brooklyn, Destiny, Nevaeh, and Trinty. Among unusual baby boy names are Aiden, Caden, Jaden, and Xavier. 5) Baby names reflect the culture. Parents often choose baby boy names and baby girl names based on movies, TV shows, books and songs. Among popular baby girls names are Alexis from Dynasty, Ashley from singer Ashley Judd, and Samantha from the TV show Bewitched. Among celebrity baby boy names are Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210, and Ryan from the series Ryan’s Hope. Whether you are researching the meaning of names or looking for unusual baby names, the name you give your baby is a gift that lasts a lifetime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: