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Software You may have heard of a free registry error scan before but what do they actually offer and how are they able to identify and fix .puter problems? In order to understand how they identify and fix a vast number of .puter problems, it is necessary to first grasp an understanding of what your Windows registry actually is and what role it plays in the operation of your PC. Your windows registry is essentially a large database containing a .prehensive list of instructions and orders for your .puter to follow. Whenever you attempt to open a file or run a program, your .puter turns to the Windows registry which then tells it how to perform that particular task successfully. In this sense, your registry acts very much like an instruction manual to your .puter. Now, whenever you install a new piece of software on your PC, the instructions on how to open and successfully operate this software are placed on your registry for future reference. Over time, adding and removing software on your .puter can lead to congestion and disorder within your registry. This causes problems to occur, including, but not limited to, DLL errors, system crashes, browser problems and a noticeable slowdown in the performance of your PC. Ultimately, what a registry scan does is locate all the dead, unneeded and redundant links and information in your registry, allowing you to remove these entries and make it much easier for your .puter to navigate and find the necessary information to run certain applications and software. This results in a noticeable improvement in the performance of your PC. Most good registry cleaners itemize each invalid entry it finds in your Windows registry, allowing you to see which programs they came from and assess whether or not they should be removed from your .puter thus minimizing the risk of removing wrongly identified registry entries. 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