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Home-Securtiy Fire can be such a terrible thing. According to statistics, fire is one of the top causes of death all over the world and the number of death caused by fire is constantly increasing. This has caught the attention of the government that is why over the past few years they have improved and strictly implemented the fire safety regulations. These fire safety regulations are the basic rules and guidelines that people should use for fire risk assessment of their homes. Adhering to these regulations can go a long way in making your house and your family safe from fire. If you are getting your house remodeled or if you are buying a new house, it is best to ask these questions to check if your house is following the fire safety regulations. This will make sure that your house if safe from fire and see if your house will pass the fire risk assessment. 1.Does your house have fire alarms or smoke detectors installed? The fire safety agencies require these alarms to be installed at home to easily detect if a fire has started to prevent it from growing bigger. 2.Do you have fire extinguishers in key places like the bedroom, kitchen, and garage? These are the places where fire most .monly starts. That is why it is important to always have a ready fire extinguisher within reach to put out fire when it begins. 3.Are the wirings placed and installed properly? One of the .mon causes of fire is faulty wiring. That is why it is important to get these wirings installed by a professional to ensure the safety of the people and the house. 4.Are the materials used in building your house strong enough to withstand fire or are they easily burned into flames? There are many different materials available for building a house and it is very important to use materials that are fire resistant to make sure that the fire does not spread easily throughout the house. 5.Does your house have possible fire exits in case there is fire? Escaping a burning house or building is crucial for anyone to survive. That is why it is important to have accessible fire exits like doors and windows where people can pass through for them to avoid being trapped inside a burning house. 6.Do you have the sticker posted on your window to alert the fire rescuers know that there are kids or disabled people living in your home? These stickers are usually supplied by fire departments to make it easier for them to perform fire rescue on disabled people or kids. For every new home built or bought, it is standard for the local fire safety agency to check on your home and see if it will pass the fire risk assessment that they will do. This is a step that the government has taken to protect the people and lessen the occurrence of fire taking the lives of the people. So make sure that before you get your house built or before you buy a new home, you check on these fire safety regulations to make your new home as safer place to live in. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: