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The bottom fourth pioneers headed by the warriors! His left defensive end down the truth warriors inside defense vulnerabilities become the start of the new season after just one week, the Blazers star Damian Lillard found the warriors before and last season he lost to the Braves have some different. No, not Durant, but the boggart. Lillard agrees with the warriors and he knows that the warriors are more talented than the rest of the league. But in the preseason play, Lillard became aware, the warriors defense because the Boggart leave has been changed. "It is not the same," Lillard said in an interview with the media bay, "the warriors have good attacking, I think they are even the best offensive team in the league, and this season is not what two things, but the real difference is in the defensive end, no boggarts, warriors defense is not the same as last season." "I see them with the New Orleans pelicans game, also saw them after Feinikesi and the Suns game, two teams in the warriors inside score a lot," Lillard said, "they kept pounding warriors inside, so after we have seen the video, decided to do so in the next game." A little Lillard said nothing wrong, three regular season games after the end of the warriors 114.3 game score topped the league, even if the big four people feel depressed, the other three power sufficientlysupports warriors attack. But the warriors defense is not so reassuring, fans may not dare to believe that last season’s western champion now ranked fourth in the league in defensive efficiency countdown, to know the defensive efficiency in their season was the league’s number fourth. The coach or the same coach, why the warriors this season last season and defensive will have a world of difference? Of course, it is because the inside of the big shake, the best team two hand protecting frame boggarts and Ezeli have left the club in the summer. As a supplement to Zaza Pachulia and David West, two people have neither height arms enough, did not move fast enough, Green really can withstand the most League center player, but he can do is just to guard the first wave of shock inside. The warriors have been able to win in the 14-15 season, because they have the league’s second attack and the first defense of the league. The same is the face of Anthony Davies, the warriors let Davies get 45 points and 17 rebounds, but the Spurs just let Davies get 18 points and 5 rebounds, perhaps warriors fans would argue that Anthony Davies is fighting back against the Spurs, by physical impact, but as long as the fans watching the game it will know, warriors inside the defense was actually useless. Lillard last season is one of the alliance can account for cheap players and warriors game, in the face of the warriors game, game averaging 36.5 points, so he knows the warriors defensive weaknesses, he know more in the back to kill the inside of Gutt’s defense is a Bo what kind of P相关的主题文章: