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Lonely Heroes: after 30 years old only a King Crown ten years natto record something – Sohu sports 2016 season ATP finals approaching, but the last important event this year will be the two legendary figure, after Federer announced its withdrawal from the following 2016 after the event, Nadal also announced its withdrawal because of injury, Federer and since 2001 Nadal also missed the finals for the first time. With the increase of age and injury, Federer and Nadal had a brilliant start into a downturn, after 30 year old Federer only won a Grand Slam champion, Nadal last season, my ten year old a year by the end of the crown, the two consecutive season Grand Slam fruitless. Federer is still not reduced the effects of time Federer’s occupation career is brilliant, winning the first Grand Slam after 2003, in 2004 to 2007 of four years, won the 11 Grand Slam champion, Federer entered a time almost invincible state. In 2010 Federer won the Australian Open champion after the age of 29, has won 16 Grand Slam champion, finished with no predecessors achievements. However, from the mark is nearly 30 years after Federer state began to fall dramatically in 2010 just winning the Australian Open a champion. In 2011 30 Federer subsequently, Australia and has lost in the semi finals, the French Open finals despite playing against Nadal runner up, Wimbledon is zhibubaqiang. In 2012, Federer slightly scored his seventeenth Grand Slam championship at Wimbledon, after the age of 30 is so far the only Grand Slam title. In 2013, Federer could not even stand a Grand Slam final, 2014 Wimbledon finals lost to Djokovic, Australia and the network is lost in the semi finals. In 2015 Federer Wimbledon consecutive finals, but eventually lost to djokovic. The 2016 season Federer in the Australian Open and Wimbledon semi-final has lost to Djokovic and Rao Niki, is also a poor season. Once made Federer proud of the technology, with the increase of age has begun to decline, although still has the ability to achieve suppression technology, but in the face of long duel, Federer can become a short board of the most deadly, had more through the Internet quickly solved in the top bucket, duel tactical vulnerabilities more and more obviously. Federer career goal is to win a Grand Slam champion after the age of 30, but with the growing age, missed a few finals in a row after the opportunity to achieve this feat has become increasingly slim Federer. Run the Nadal look forward to writing a brilliant Nadal is one of today’s men’s tennis ball arc the offbeat, exceeded the limits of the body, making it invincible in the clay court, has 9 times won the French Open champion, is the real "the king of clay". Although Nadal has many short board in technology, but by virtue of its special style of play is still rampant in men’s tennis, and from 2005 to 2014, Nadal maintained to win a Grand Slam title for at least a year rhythm, occupation career has won 14 Grand Slam titles, second only to Federer. )相关的主题文章: