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Carrying ten years recalls war3   "holy war" opened a new chapter of Warcraft game — original title: ten years of memories "light bearing war3 battle" to open a new chapter of Warcraft from the chaos of 2002 began, and then to the frozen throne, war3 for 14 years. For some people, may be just a passer, but for us, it is the childhood memories of youth, memory forever!, with war3 as the theme of the "holy war", is a perfect transfer to the mobile phone in the world of Warcraft game, can you find the lost youth! "Familiar with the construction of light the town is at war", familiar with Hum (Terran) building as a reference, including majestic magnificent city, the ancient hero altar, mysterious science hall, shiny gold, no one is not our memory of the picture. The main base can also upgrade technology hall to strengthen research and development of the hero skills of the soldiers, but don’t think settings like war3, here with everyone secrecy, believe that everyone understand, feel a bright eyes. Hero is a hero to reproduce the most important play war3, presumably every war3 enthusiasts have their favorite heroes. In the "holy war" inside, you can see them again! Priestess of elegant mysterious moon fallen dark Death Knight (DK), 3C, Kensai – stealth master the Archmage etc.?. In addition, the hero can with soldiers, remember that carry wood when the Tauren with ghouls? War3 classic battle battle mode is a single player experience, but it took us a taste of the origin of all races, the hero behind can cry sad story. "Holy war" is a campaign mode, game player can lead the hero off, gradually uncover the history of Warcraft, slowly into the. "Holy war" will meet with you in the near future, like war3 friends please look forward to it! (Yang Yu, Shen Guangqian Polo: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: