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Luzhou eight year old retired teacher of ten years student 300 thousand words – "ambitious" old Beijing "of life, more than student!" 80 year old Xuyong County, the first high school teacher Huang Lianyun retired in his later career is to help poor students go to college in Luzhou. In the past ten years, Huang Lianyun has funded 8 students, donations amounting to 300 thousand yuan. His children are also affected, to join the student action. Now, some college students and graduate funded by Huang iunin, also began to subsidize poor students. Is life, more than student "Huang iunin retired old people began to take the initiative to help poor students Huang Lianyun introduction, he is Xuyong county Luo Bu Town, in 1959 graduated from the Xuyong county first middle school, admitted to the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. But because of a lack of teachers in Xuyong at the time, he did not go to university, but to stay in Xuyong a teacher, has served as secretary of the Communist Youth League school. In 1996, when Huang Lianyun retired, two children have been settled in Chengdu and Beijing respectively, which makes him not a burden, it was then that he started funding some home can’t afford to go to school. Xuyong County pillar project office staff confirmed that after the 2008 start, local pillar project, Huang iunin expressed willingness to take the initiative to find our office, to help a poor student in college. The pillars of office to provide poor students list, Huang iunin chose home Xiang Lu Gao Cun Huang Ni Zhao Rong of Xuyong county. At that time, Zhao Rong admitted to a university in Tianjin, due to poor families, unable to pay tuition. Huang Lianyun decided to finance 3000 yuan tuition fees and living expenses of $2000 per year, after Zhao Rong, also often call to encourage Zhao rong. Zhao Rong has now graduated from college, in Chengdu as a teacher, every year to report to the life and work of Huang Lianyun, and participate in poverty alleviation student welfare activities. Xuyong county leaders do, from July and August every year after the start of the first year, Huang Lianyun will take the initiative to find our office, from the list of selected poor students funding, now, Huang iunin funded students some graduate work, social support and nurturing others, his children began to help students with financial difficulties. In the construction of Railway Construction Co. Ltd. (Shaanxi) is the work of Zhang Xue, two of the town in Xuyong county. In 2010, Zhang Xue admitted to the Southwest Jiao Tong University, but no money to go to school because of poverty, by Xuyong County into the pillar project funding target. Huang iunin after that, to Xuyong county leaders do send 5000 yuan in cash, financial aid to Zhang Xue. Now, Zhang Xue has begun to subsidize the poor students in a county in Xuyong reading. 60% 80 year old pension fund is still working Huang Lianyun told the Chengdu Daily reporter, his current pension 4000 yuan per month, 60% of them used to subsidize poor students, as the rest of the daily living expenses. He does not smoke, do not play cards, do not drink, do not travel. The money saved is used to help others. Huang Lianyun to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter calculations account, when he was funded every year to go to school, will take 5000 yuan, the monthly living expenses of $300, most of the time while funding for four college students. In addition, if the students have extra expenses, he will send them to each other as needed. Huang Lianyun still remember easily.相关的主题文章: