Star stone investment Yang Ling September CPI growth picked up on a comparative advantage 中国刑警之九月风暴

Star stone investment Yang Ling: September CPI growth picked up, concerned about A shares comparative advantage, Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina Financial News on October 14th, the National Bureau of Statistics announced in 2016 September, the national consumer price level rose by 1.9% year-on-year. The national consumer price index rose by 0.7%. In this regard, star stone investment, investment decision committee vice chairman Yang Ling said that in September, CPI growth rebounded, ending the 4 consecutive months of decline, PPI expected ahead of schedule to become positive. A share market ushered in a better environment for development. At the same time, compared with the real estate market, the bond market, the comparative advantage of A stock market highlights. Star stone Cci Capital Ltd general manager, vice chairman of the investment committee Yang Ling specific points are as follows: CPI growth picked up, PPI expected to advance positive in 2016 September CPI rose 1.9%, up 0.6% last month; PPI rose 0.1%, following the 2012 March has turned positive for the first time. In the background of inflation rebound, enterprise profit improvement, real estate regulation, the upward cycle is expected to end, the policy face orderly guide savings into equity investment, and so on, A share market ushered in a better environment for development. At the same time, compared with the real estate market, bond market, A stock market comparative value advantage highlights [CPI expected rise again] CPI index rose 1.9%, ending the 4 consecutive months downward trend, food and non food prices rebounded beyond expected. Affected by the bad weather, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and egg prices rose sharply, the price of fresh vegetables rose 10.7%, an increase of 7.5%, compared to CPI increased the contribution of the main reason to increase the price of fresh vegetables is nearly two months CPI fluctuation. We judge that in the same period last year, the low base effect, CPI may further rise, for the whole year CPI center, we maintain about 2% before judgment. [PPI year ahead of expected positive) September, PPI year-on-year and ring were expected to rise again, PPI rose 0.1%, is the first positive after 2012 March; PPI rose by 0.5%, compared with the previous month to expand 0.3%. Positive PPI indicates that the structural reform of our country’s supply side has made some preliminary results, in steady growth, to productivity, to the inventory policy under the effect of supply and demand of domestic industries eased, key industries, inventory sales are good trend, coupled with the international market of crude oil, iron ore, nonferrous metals and other commodities the market has improved, the domestic industrial products prices continued to rise. We judge that PPI will continue to rise in the last year, with a low base and improved supply and demand in the industrial sector. Under the impetus of the rebound in industrial prices, the profits of industrial enterprises are expected to continue to improve, and have a certain boost to market expectations. [asset allocation is expected to shift, concerned about the comparative value advantage of A shares] CPI rebounded sharply, PPI positive, but the system theory

星石投资杨玲:9月CPI增速回升 关注A股比较优势 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   新浪财经讯 10月14日,国家统计局公布了2016年9月份,全国居民消费价格总水平同比上涨1.9%。全国居民消费价格总水平环比上涨0.7%。对此,星石投资、投资决策委员会副主席杨玲表示,9月CPI增速回升,结束了连续4个月下降的趋势,PPI超预期提前转正。A股市场迎来了比较好的发展环境。同时相较房地产市场、债市,A股市场的比较价值优势凸显。 星石投资管理有限公司总经理、投资决策委员会副主席杨玲   具体观点如下:   CPI增速回升,PPI超预期提前转正   2016年9月份CPI同比增长1.9%,较上月上涨0.6%;PPI同比上涨0.1%,是继2012年3月份以来首次转正。在通胀回升、企业盈利改善、房地产调控下上行周期有望终结、政策面有序引导储蓄转为股权投资等背景下,A股市场迎来了比较好的发展环境。同时相较房地产市场、债市,A股市场的比较价值优势凸显   【CPI超预期回升】   CPI指数同比上涨1.9%,结束了连续4个月下降的趋势,食品和非食品价格全面超预期回升。受恶劣天气的影响,鲜菜、鲜果和蛋类价格环比均大幅上涨,其中鲜菜价格环比上涨10.7%,同比上涨7.5%,对CPI回升的贡献比较大,鲜菜价格也是近两个月CPI波动加大的主要原因。我们判断在去年同期低基数效应下,CPI有可能进一步回升,对于全年CPI的中枢我们维持之前2%左右的判断。   【PPI同比超预期提前转正】   9月份,PPI同比和环比均超预期回升,PPI同比上涨0.1%,是既2012年3月份之后首次转正;PPI环比上涨0.5%,较上月扩大0.3%。PPI转正预示着我国进行的结构性供给侧改革初步取得了一定的成效,在稳增长、去产能、去库存政策作用下,国内工业行业供需矛盾有所缓解,重点行业库存、销量均出现向好态势,加之国际市场原油、铁矿石、有色金属等大宗商品行情有所好转,国内工业品价格持续回升。我们判断在去年低基数和工业领域供求关系改善的影响下,PPI有望持续回升。在工业品价格回升的带动下,工业企业利润有望继续改善,对市场预期具有一定的提振作用。   【资产配置有望转向,关注A股的比较价值优势】   CPI大幅回升、PPI转正,但制约货币政策使得货币政策收紧的概率不大,尽管近期经济数据表现不错,但经济仍存一定的下行压力。稳增长的背景下,宽松的政策环境仍然是必要的,对于未来的政策取向大概率延续积极财政政策和稳健货币政策的组合。   在通胀回升、企业盈利改善、房地产调控上行周期有望终结、政策有序引导储蓄转为股权投资等背景下,A股市场迎来了比较好的发展环境,同时相较房地产市场、债市,A股市场的比较价值优势凸显。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: