Eecp Heart Treatment For A Younger Heart Thats Free Of Surgery! 外卖小哥蒙面送餐 北京雄安首开动车

Health Medical science has a new heart treatment that can cure all cardiac problems without having to go in for painful heart surgeries, or series of angioplasty. EECP Heart Treatment, or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation, is the new non-surgical treatment that is known to cure chest ailments like pains and even a major cardiac arrest. With Angina, or blockage of blood vessels in the heart, on the rise among all ages, Angioplasty or surgeries have become risky for many patients due to the simultaneous presence of other ailments such as Diabetes or Hypertension. EECP is not only non-surgical, but also non-pharmaceutical mode of treatment that can completely eliminate Angina from the body. It is also beneficial for patients who have already had an open-balloon or bypass surgery, but the heart continues to be affected. EECP treatment is given in sessions. The patient is assigned two hourly sessions at regular intervals, usually daily, for five days at a stretch, or of thirty-five hours duration. The patient is made to lie down and feel comfortable. Velcro bands, like those on blood-pressure measuring machines, are wrapped round his arms and lower waist. In a similar way as that of blood pressure machines, the bands inflate and deflate at pre-set intervals, set according to the heartbeats. The bands inflate during the hearts relaxation period, and deflate when the cardiac muscles conflate. This ensures that the blood and oxygen supply in the heart is not hampered externally. A continuous ECG and sensors at the fingertips monitor the blood pressure, oxygen supply and blood flow within the heart. The ECG also monitors the working of the EECP. The benefits of EECP treatment are manifold. Currently, it is the safest treatment for any heart ailment as it is non-surgical. It is also safe for patients of all ages and does not interfere with existing ailments such as blood sugar. It is administered in outpatient sessions, which is also beneficial to maximum patients. As it is non-invasive, it has very negligible side-effects; thus, improving chances of life and recovery for the patient, to a great extent. Furthermore, Angina, whose symptoms include chronic chest pain, requires regular medication. Medical studies have conclusively proved that EECP treatment necessitate no medication for Angina as the frequency of attacks also diminish. Patients can resume regular activities such as walking, jogging, travelling or lifting heavy boxes even after EECP treatments. Exercise, which is usually prohibited for chronic Angina patients, is allowed to EECP patients. In fact, most patients feel that the quality of life goes up steadily after regular EECP sessions. Another benefit of EECP is that it has proved equally successful with patients of both genders. Female patients have felt the same benefits in their lives as their male counterparts. Any heart treatment in the present day is extremely expensive. EECP Heart Treatment differs from other surgical treatments on this count, too. It is extremely cost-effective. The price of the treatment is priced according to the number of sessions. The treatment costs are also covered by most insurance companies and government employees also get a reduction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: